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Georgia On My Mind

It is Choosing Time In Georgia!

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The Georgia run-off election provides a clear choice to voters with two very different men who have very different beliefs.

Senator Raphael Warnock grew up with eleven siblings in Savannah’s public housing with his parents. Warnock graduated from Morehouse College, earned a Ph.D., and started a career in ministry. Warnock has served as Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s church in Atlanta, where he continues to be active in helping the community.

Herschel Walker is one of seven siblings born in Wrightsville, Georgia. Walker is best known for his football career at the University of GA where he won many awards including a Heisman Trophy. For years Walker said he graduated from college at the top of his class, but recently admitted he, in fact, did not graduate. Walker played pro football for a total of 15 years. He met Donald Trump in 1983 when he was drafted for Trump’s team, the NJ Generals. The two formed a 37-year friendship. Walker is a Trump backed candidate to represent Georgia in the US Senate. Walker is the owner of several companies under the name “Renaissance Man International” that have been investigated for false information.

Now, let's examine where the candidates stand on the issues voters most care about.

Senator Warnock believes in a woman’s right to choose. He believes only two people should be in a doctor’s office; a woman and her doctor - not any politician. Walker opposes abortion with no exceptions except for the life of a mother or rape. Ironically, Walker who claims to be pro-life, has multiple women accusing him of wanting them to have an abortion, and in at lease two cases, paying for an abortion. Walker denies these claims.

Senator Warnock voted to cap Medicare out of pocket expenses and to lower the cost of insulin. Walker believes people need to eat better so they won’t need insulin. Warnock is working for smaller rural communities and small businesses of Middle Georgia while Walker is talking about werewolves and vampires.

Senator Warnock voted for President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, and the Inflation Reduction Act to bring jobs and money to Georgians. Walker criticizes Warnock for voting with Biden 96% of the time and blames him for inflation and crime. Warnock supports stronger, common sense gun control, as do 70% of Americans. Walker doesn’t think Georgians need more gun control, and has offered no policy to address inflation. Walker said he supported "a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at social media". Walker has threatened people including his ex-wife and girlfriends with guns and admits playing Russian Roulette. In the face of more than 600 mass shootings in America this year, Walker has no interest in legislation to protect Americans.

Senator Warnock understands Climate Action is needed now. Walker’s view is to keep gas-guzzling cars because Americans get good emissions with them. Senator Warnock’s ads using Walker's own words against him are both comical, and sad. They draw a distinct difference between an effective leader, Senator Warnock, and a fully inept man, Herschel Walker.

Hershel Walker is a black man being used as a token candidate by the GOP. He is clearly not qualified to be a Senator. Walker needs to work on himself before he is able to work for Georgia.

For a better Georgia and America, Raphael Warnock should return to Washington. As President Obama recently said, 'Walker can be anything he wants to be other than a senator.' Hershel Walker needs to go back to Texas and leave governing to his opponent, Senator Raphael Warnock who is qualified, and ready to continue working for the people of Georgia.

It is choosing time on Tuesday, December 6. Georgians saved Democracy in 2021, and they will do it again because they know the difference between Effective and Inept Leadership. Senator Raphael Warnock will be reelected by the voters of Georgia.

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