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"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Last week Donald J. Trump had a dinner date at Mar-a-Lago with Holocaust denying White Supremacist, Nick Fuentes, alongside Ye aka Kanye West, who has been under fire for his own anti-Semitic comments. Trump would want us to believe that this was a blind date. Of course Trump feigned innocence stating that he knew nothing about Nick Fuentes. Let me think, where have I heard that before? Remember this line, “I don’t know anything about David Duke.” Trump lied about knowing who David Duke was too. Which I find quite interesting given the fact that it’s been widely reported his father was arrested after a Klan riot in 1927.

I know you are saying to yourself, why give oxygen to Trump? The answer is we must. Donald Trump, a former president now running for re-election had dinner with an anti-Semite and white supremacist. This is worth noting. The other thing worth noting is the silence from Republican leadership. Did I expect anything but complicity? No I did not. There are a few Republicans that have spoken out, I gather that’s only because they are on team “DeSanctomonious” who is exactly the same as Trump, just wrapped in a neater monotone package. They didn’t speak out when Trump littered his administration with self-proclaimed white nationalists and with people that had ties to white nationalist organizations. Hell, Stephen Miller was a senior adviser/speech writer and also a white nationalist. This is to be expected when you elevate a hateful racist bigot to the highest office in the land.

White nationalism is no longer on the fringe. It is main stream. In December 2019 the Southern Poverty Center published hundreds of e-mails that Stephen Miller wrote to Breitbart right before the 2016 election. In these e-mails Miller advocated for the “great replacement” theory, he stoked white fears of genocide, he glorified the confederacy and linked immigrants to crime. Don’t get me wrong, race and bigotry has always been in American politics, but it was coded. It wasn’t out loud. There was an etiquette to the racism, no one wanted the title of being a racist. Trump has turned all of that upside down.

Trump went down that escalator and he referred to Mexicans as “criminals, drug dealers and rapists.” He wanted a Muslim ban and a wall. Trump liberated the Republicans. He showed them that they did not have to be politically correct. Hence the attack on being “woke.”

Now anything goes for Republicans. Politics have become like “Hunger Games.” You would think that after the impotent showing during the midterms, they would change the game plan. They will not. They have chosen their weapons; hate, fear and violence. That’s all they have. However, evidence revealed that most Americans choose humanity over hate, we saw it during mid-terms.

While Donald Trump has dinner with white supremacists, we will continue the fight to make sure that equality and justice is on the menu.



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