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Is Manchin Really A Democrat?

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Is Joe Manchin really a Democrat? Is he committed to advancing President Biden’s domestic agenda? Is his stubborn stance in support of the filibuster about protecting the norms of the Senate, or is it about this power trip he is on? It must be cool to be the person who controls the fate of the Republic. Seriously, Manchin has the ability to determine if the country continues to function as a Representative Democracy or falls into the clutches of Mitch, Donald, and the Red Faction they want to install.

Voting is the foundation of a Representative Democracy and is protected in the 15th Amendment. The filibuster is a made up procedure, with no foundation in the Constitution. In the face of the Big Lie and Republican determination to stop the will of the majority, the filibuster is a tool of pure subjugation.

It is not a Senate norm. The filibuster is not rooted in the Constitution. Actually, it is nothing more than an antiquated method to hinder women, Black and Brown Voters, the working class, and America’s youth from being seen, heard, and leading America into the future.

Republicans fear American Diversity because they cannot win in a nation where one person, one vote determines elections.

So the question has to be asked: Why does Joe Manchin stand with McConnell, Trump, and the Republican Party? The answer is really very simple. Ideologically, he is more politically aligned with their belief system. There is no other reason for him to refuse to end the filibuster. This is the last tool that will stop America from remaining a nation where voting is protected, the economy secured, healthcare expanded, and infrastructure improved.

Only a Republican would vote against those binding principles of the Democratic Party.

I submit, that Manchin is a Democrat by name only.

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