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Mitch - Just Get Out of the Way

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Worst-case scenario, paychecks to service members will stop. Medicare and Medicaid payments might well be suspended meaning the most vulnerable Americans will be adversely affected. Children who count on school breakfast and lunch will face nutritional instability. Families receiving the new child tax credits will likely lose those payments that are lifting kids out of poverty.

Mitch McConnell is using the American People in a high-stakes game of poker. He is going all in and betting that Democrats will fold under pressure.

For the first time since Democrats gained a slim majority in the Senate, the Minority Leader is feeling some pressure regarding the highly valued, not constitutionally protected filibuster. This archaic tool is a relic of Jim Crow racism that was used to control minority voters for decades. Ironically, today, the filibuster is utilized by the minority political party to block legislation favored by a majority of American Voters.

Majority Leader Schumer is unable to use his fifty-plus one Senate margin to pass legislation because Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) have refused to end the filibuster. Not even passing the Freedom to Vote Act, nor the Build Back Better Act is an incentive for them to stop Republican obstruction of President Biden’s agenda. But, faced with the possibility of America defaulting on loans, being unable to pay its lawfully incurred debts, and devastation to the economy, the filibuster appears to be in jeopardy.

That is McConnell's nightmare come true. He knows that if the filibuster is not a barricade to stop Democrats from passing legislation, the economy will soar. As a result, Republican chances to regain the House and the Senate on November 8, 2022, will be highly diminished.

Make no mistake, when afforded power, McConnell will obliterate the filibuster. For him, protecting the filibuster, and not raising the Debt Ceiling is all about his desire to tank the economy, and weaken Democrats as we approach midterm elections.

Minority Leader McConnell wants to regain the gavel in January of 2023 to plunge America into a dystopian era of post Democracy, minority rule.

If Democrats fold now and do not end the filibuster, he is likely to succeed.

It’s time for Mitch to “Just Get Out of the Way.”


Graphics provided by @ImagesByFresh

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