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Saying The Quiet Parts Out Loud

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Why is there a rabid appetite for racism and bigotry you may ask yourself? It’s like there is a contest for cruelty and Republicans are in it to win it. We all know the history of racism in this country, well most of us know the history. There were many activists that fought against racism but it never left, however, over time it became a shameful thing. Racism hid in the dark shadows of the system. It was quiet, but never absent. In comes Donald Trump. He made racism cool again using fear. Fear of the “other.” He surrounded himself with a plethora of White Nationalists. White Nationalists fearful of becoming the minority. They said the quiet parts out loud. The dog whistles quickly became bullhorns. The hate spread like a malignant disease. Outcasts that needed to blame the “other” for their underachievements were activated. They became a cult of dangerous ignorant misfits. We did cut out the disease (Trump) in 2020 but it was too late, the disease had metastasized. Your question should now be, what can I do? It is not sufficient to just be “not racist.” I implore you to be anti-racist. In order to fight and defeat systemic racism you must be an anti-racist ally, you’ve got to be consistently working not only for equality but equity for all races. We will not be defeated as long as we continue fighting.

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